02 January, 2018

My Top 10 Albums of 2017

Last.fm says that last year was my most "successful" when it comes to listening to music (or at least "scrobbling"). It was also a year when I made a conscious effort to try new artists and genres, which meant that, for a year, I'd been actively looking for new releases almost every week. If a certain Word file - a product of my list-keeping habit - is to be trusted, I've heard 277 albums released in 2017. I think I might return to only about 50 of those, which probably means I should rethink my approach to discovering new music... But let's focus on what I did really enjoy. Here are the top 10 (or 11... or 12) albums, presented without comments, that show how 2017 sounded to me. For more of it, check the playlist below.

10. The Veils - Swimming with the Crocodiles EP

Despite consisting of only 5 songs (including a David Bowie cover), this EP fully deserves its spot on this list, but I mainly needed it here as a pretext to mention The Veils' 2016 album Total Depravity, which includes original versions of these live/acoustic songs and, had it been released last year (when I first heard it), would've easily made it to my top 3.

Special mention 

Arca also collaborated with Björk on Utopia - at times a beautiful album that I haven't properly digested yet, so it's officially not included in this list, but here it is, unofficially:

Songs included:

1. Hiro Kone - Less Than Two Seconds (Love is the Capital)
2. King Krule - Czech One (The Ooz)
3. Kendrick Lamar - PRIDE. (DAMN.)
4. Laura Marling - Don't Pass Me By (Semper Femina)
5. David Bowie - Killing a Little Time (No Plan EP)
6. Lorde - Sober II / Melodrama (Melodrama)
7. Penguin Cafe - Wheels Within Wheels (The Imperfect Sea)
8. Ulver - Nemoralia (The Assassination of Julius Caesar)
9. The Black Angels - Currency (Death Song)
10. Protomartyr - Corpses in Regalia (Relatives in Descent)
11. Mount Kimbie - Blue Train Lines /feat. King Krule (Love What Survives)
12. Hundred Waters - Blanket Me (Communicating)
13. Bonobo - Surface /feat. Nicole Miglis (Migration)
14. Forest Swords - Raw Language (Compassion)
15. Arca - Reverie (Arca)
16. Aldous Harding - Horizon (Party)
17. Perfume Genius - Die 4 You (No Shape)
18. Mogwai - Coolverine (Every Country's Sun)
19. Juana Molina - Estalacticas (Halo)
20. Vince Staples - BagBak (Big Fish Theory)
21. Blanck Mass - Hive Mind (World Eater)
22. Sevdaliza - Grace (ISON)
23. Fleet Foxes - Kept Woman (Crack-Up)
24. alt-J - Adeline (Relaxer)
25. The National - The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness (Sleep Well Beast)
26. The Mountain Goats - Rain in Soho (Goths)
27. Cherry Glazerr - Told You I'd Be with the Guys (Apocalipstick)
28. Marika Hackman - Good Intentions (I'm Not Your Man)
29. Big Thief - Shark Smile (Capacity)
30. (Sandy) Alex G - Judge (Rocket)
31. Thurston Moore - Smoke of Dreams (Rock n Roll Consciousness)
32. Dan Auerbach - King of a One Horse Town (Waiting on a Song)
33. Ariel Pink - Another Weekend (Dedicated to Bobby Jameson)
34. Slowdive - Sugar for the Pill (Slowdive)
35. Cigarettes After Sex - Apocalypse (Cigarettes After Sex)
36. Les Discrets - Virée nocturne (Prédateurs)
37. Valparaiso - Rising Tides /feat. Phoebe Killdeer & Howe Gelb (Broken Homeland)
38. Ghostpoet - Trouble + Me (Dark Days + Canapés)
39. Mark Lanegan Band - Nocturne (Gargoyle)
40. Oxbow - A Gentleman's Gentleman (Thin Black Duke)
41. Idles - Date Night (Brutalism)
42. Algiers - The Underside of Power (The Underside of Power)
43. Chelsea Wolfe - 16 Psyche (Hiss Spun)
44. Manchester Orchestra - The Wolf (A Black Mile to the Surface)
45. Kane Strang - Two Hearts and No Brain (Two Hearts and No Brain)
46. Richard Edwards - Lemon (Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset)
47. Arcade Fire - Good God Damn (Everything Now)
48. Beck - Colors (Colors)
49. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Fatal Gift (Choir of the Mind)
50. UNKLE - Sonata /feat. Keaton Henson (The Road: Part 1)
51. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Ring-A-Ring O' Roses (Rest)
52. Chrysta Bell - Beautiful (We Dissolve)
53. Destroyer - Tinseltown Swimming in Blood (ken)
54. The Veils - Swimming with the Crocodiles (Swimming with the Crocodiles EP)
55. Paul Draper - Things People Want (Spooky Action)
56. Wolf Alice - Planet Hunter (Visions of a Life)
57. Hurray for the Riff Raff - Pa'lante (The Navigator)
58. Moses Sumney - Plastic (Aromanticism)
59. Björk - Body Memory (Utopia)
60. Radiohead - Man Of War (OK NOT OK 1997-2017)

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